Friday, March 14, 2008

A Wild Hare -- the Beginning

Greetings, ladies and germs,

Forgive me for not opening with my catchphrase, "What's up, Doc?" But, to tell ya the truth, if I have to say that line one more time I'm gonna spit up carrot chunks. That line hasn't gotten a laugh since '48, but everyone still expects me to use it. Well, no more. Take it behind the barn and put it out of its misery. It's finished. I need a new catch phrase. And I'm working on it. If you have any suggestions that are actually funny, toss 'em my way.

So, what the heck am I doing here?

Let's start over.

Ehhhhhh, What's up -- Stocks? Not Time-Warner's stock.

(I'll keep working on the new catchphrase.)

Anyway, the thing is, I've been encouraged (by others who shall remain nameless) to share a few memories, some thoughts and suggestions, a few insights and a few insults with the woild in one of these here blogs. So this is it.

And that's what the heck I'm doing here.

At this point, I can't tell ya how often I'll sit down here and peck away at the keyboard. It's tough to type wearing gloves. But whenever something worth sharing comes to mind, or whenever something really gets my goat, I'll chime in. Or not.

Currently, a number of things have been bugging me. I guess we can call this here section...

What's Bugging Bugs:
  • The non-existent roles being offered to me by the Warner execs. I'm lucky if they toss me a cameo in a Tyson's TV Dinner commercial. It's an insult.

  • The lousy corporate logo gig they've stuck me with. Somebody make it stop. They have me wear a penguin suit, I step out from behind the shield, act like I care, take a bite of the carrot and BAM! I'm done. Call the driver. Where's my check? I'm back in Malibu before Letterman comes on. My career has come to this?

  • The painful politically correct cartoons that are all over the dial. Most of 'em make my eyes hurt, my ears ache, and my pitching arm fling a crowbar at the flatscreen.

  • The suits keep talking to me about making new cartoons, teaming me up again with Elmer, with Sam, with Marvin. Gimme a break. How many of those have we already made? Been there, done that. And everyone's seen 'em -- a thousand times! If I have to face off with Elmer Fudd one more time, I'll quit the biz for good and move to Temecula. Same goes for Sam and Marvin. I'm sick of carrying those stooges. I need to do something new. I need a new challenge, with new maroons to bamboozle. Not the same old shmoes.

  • I've been reading all these blogs about how great my classic cartoons were. Yeah, they were great, if I do say so myself. I had great directors and artists. Funny stuff. But I wish all these clever and creative artistic type bloggers would quit spending all their time talking about how great the old ones were. Instead, I say, let's start spending time making some great new ones!

  • If Warners doesn't line up a good role for me in the next six months, I'm breaking my contract.

That's all I have time for now. I gotta meet up with Tiger at Lakeside. We like to heckle the golfers as they approach the 18th green.



Taco Wiz said...
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Graham said...

Welcome to the Internet, Bugs! I hope this blog gets updated more; this is an awesome idea on your part!

Two questions: Who was your favorite Termite Terrace director to work with, and do the other Looney Tunes stars have the same personalities as they did on camera?

Anonymous said...

Hello Bugs, A young fan to talk to you about stuff, I like you and I'm gonna give you some ideas, bring in some political humor try some new material, new gags, shout mid-level explicatives, tell risque jokes, so what if the politicians get upset, their just leaves in the wind, 'cause no matter what you do someone somewhere is gonna be upset with you. Bring back slapstick, so what if a kid gives his friend a concussion because he hit him across the head with a plank, if they can't tell the difference between reality and cartoons the belong in an asylum. Truth is I want to see Bugs Bunny back, making smart ass comments about things, how about you go to normal places like the grocery store or the post office and complain about what people do, or what most people don't like about the places, it will be great how about you battle a Terminator-looking exterminator or a small annoying hyperactive dog that wont leave you alone. or a jackass teenager who tries to be the bad ass by picking on things smaller and weaker than him. not that I'm saying your smaller and weaker than a teenager. but Anyway theres some ideas. Go an reinvent yourself.

Laughing Dragon said...

Bugs, you're the best. And I quite agree, nowadays you're either being ill-used or not used at all, and that IMO is criminal. And we miss you. God, do we miss you. With your toons no longer being broadcast, I find myself watching crud like "The Fairly Oddparents" (BTW, how about doing a cameo on that show and dropping an anvil on that annoying fairy Cosmo? No? Yeah, you're right, it'd be a waste of your talents - sure, he's annoying, a jerk, a waste of space, but he's no Elmer). A few years ago, I saw your latest film "Looney Tunes: Back in Action", only to see you and Daffy take a back seat to human B-actors. What an indignity!!! Hopefully you'll find a decent script, a director that understands your art, and once again grace the big screen with moxie and style. Hey, if they can bring back Harrison Ford, why not you? (Frankly, you've aged better).

trevor said...

Ya know, Bugs, the closest I've ever came to speaking to you in person was when I spoke with Chuck Jones.

I could hear your voice in his, of sorts, and it was as close to magic as one could hope to find in this 3 dimensional world.

Anyway, what are your thoughts on the way they've been drawing you lately? Did you have anything to do with that crappy Extreme Looney Tunes show?

And is it also true that all of the Looney Tunes' stunt doubles worked on Space Jam because the whole gang refused to do it? I hope it is.

Yr. fan,

- trevor.